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Why Belize

Why choose Belize?

While Belize has achieved GDP growth in recent years through the expansion of tourism and increased export of seafood particularly lobster and shrimp, the government has placed equal emphasis on the Offshore Financial Sector. Since its independence, Belize in the process of its development, has introduced some progressive legislation to attract international business and investments, creating a world-class environment for the incorporation of companies that wish to conduct legitimate business internationally while ensuring security and privacy.

About Belize

The country of Belize is located on the east coast of Central America, on the Yucatan Peninsula.  It is bordered to the north by Mexico, to the west and south by Guatemala and to the east by the Caribbean Sea.

Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America with an approximate area of 9,000 square miles of land including more than 200 offshore cayes.  The current population of Belize is approximately 300,000 and comprises of a multi-racial makeup, which includes the Mestizo, Creole, Maya and Garifuna, these being the main ethnic groups with the Chinese, Arabs, German/Dutch and East Indian being the minority.

The Political System

The Executive Authority lies with the Prime Minister who is leader of the political party that controls the majority of elected members in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has legislative Authority. The Judicial Branch of Government is independent of the Executive and Legislative branches and the Governor General appoints the Judiciary. The Queen of England is the Head of State and appoints a Governor General as her representative and who must be Belizean. The British Privy Council is the Court of Final Jurisdiction.


The local currency is the Belize dollar (BZD) and has a fixed exchange rate (BZD $2.00 to US $1.00) to the United States dollar.

The Economy

The traditional agricultural based economy has diversified with new emphasis and resources placed on tourism, manufacturing and offshore financial services.  Belize through its multilateral relationships, is a signatory to the Caribbean Basin initiative, CaribCan and the Caribbean Free Trade Area, and is developing a manufacturing sector that is labor intensive and export oriented. On the border with Mexico, an excellent opportunity exists for utilizing the facility under the North American Free Trade Agreement to gain access to the United States, which is facilitated by modern highways. Accounts held with AIBL are not subject to any local taxes and exchange control regulations and restrictions. Client's funds are transferred freely into and out of Belize in US Dollars without the necessity of conversion to Belize Dollars. In addition, clients are also able to transfer funds out of Belize in any major foreign currency. All information on accounts held with AIBL is strictly confidential and is held in privacy.