Atlantic International Corp. Services Ltd. AICSL


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Local Services:

•    Incorporation of Local Companies
•    Registration of Business Names
•    Registration of Trademarks 

International Services:

•    Incorporation of Belize IBC **
•    Incorporation of Nevis LLC
•    Incorporation of Nevis Business Company
•    Formation of Trusts
•    Purchase of Shelf Companies (Ready-Made Companies)
•    Register Overseas Companies
•    Facilitate in entering the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program
•    Open Bank Accounts with Atlantic International Bank Ltd. (free)

Belize IBC

The Act to create the Belize International Business Company (“IBC”), also known as an offshore company or a company that pays no taxes, came into effect in Belize in 1990 - this Act was enacted to allow asset protection, tax minimization and confidentiality. Since then Belize has become one of the fastest growing offshore destinations in the world. Belize IBCs are tailored for any non-resident individual(s) or companies who wish to form a company which may engage in the following operations: international trade; asset protection; purchase and selling of goods; purchase of real estate; holding bank accounts; ship ownership; and any other activity that is legal in Belize.

The benefits of a Belize IBC to its owners are countless. The IBC incorporation procedure is simple and fast. The Registry only requires that a Memorandum and Articles of Association be filed in order for them to issue a Certificate of Incorporation. Thereafter, no corporate documents are required to be filed by the Company. It is optional. Furthermore, our Memorandum and Articles of Association are wide so that it may be used for most types of business activities. Normally, Belize IBC’s are formed using the standard authorized share capital of 50,000; however, the company has the option to incorporate the company in the excess of 50,000 and/or with no par value. The company may be formed with a minimum of one director who may be a local or a non-resident. Officers in the company are optional. Directors and shareholders meetings may be held in any country and may be attended personally, by alternates, by telephone or by any other electronic means. The company is exempted from all local taxes except for an annual maintenance fee of US$100.00 which is required to be paid to the Registry to maintain the company in good standing. Most exchange control regulations are exempted. These are only a few of the advantages of a Belize IBC.

However, it is important to note that a Belize IBC may not engage in the following: carry on business with persons resident in Belize unless it holds and maintains a deposit with a locally incorporated bank; prepare and maintain books and records in Belize; rent office space for corporate administration; enter into contracts with professionals in Belize and hold directors, shareholders meeting in Belize; own an interest in Belize real estate; own shares in a Belize local company, provide registered office service; banking, trust, insurance or reinsurance business unless it has a licence to do so in Belize.

Additional Services

  1. Nominee Director
  2. Execution of document in nominee capacity
  3. Issue Power of Attorney
  4. Issue Resolution
  5. Issue share certificates
  6. Obtaining Certificate of Good Standing
  7. Obtaining Certificate of Incumbency
  8. Obtain name reservation
  9. Obtain Tax Exemption Certificate
  10. Conduct search at the International Business Company Registry
  11. Continuation of an International Business Company from another jurisdiction or vice versa
  12. Obtain Notarization of corporate documents
  13. Obtain Apostille
  14. Obtain Legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  15. Obtain Legalization from a Foreign Embassy
  16. Certify corporate documents
  17. Change of company name
  18. Change of Registered Agent/Office
  19. Provide Liquidator Service
  20. Provide Virtual Office (includes mail receiving and forwarding services)
  21. Set-up bank accounts with our affiliate Atlantic International Bank Limited.
  22. Obtain Corporate stamp or corporate seal – Upon request